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Reiki Meditations

Nandin’s flute plays to the heart of the listener, leading one to a timeless inner space. With the addition of a rich underlying tapestry of spacious soundscapes and the touch of temple bells, chimes and harps, she creates a soothing and relaxing listening environment.

This album is a desirable companion for any Healing Arts practitioner or simply for those who would like to unwind to some peaceful background music.

Celestial Spa

Following the footsteps of her award nominated Zen Spa, Nandin is adding another gem to her soothing Spa sequel. With a slightly more dynamic pace than the previous release, Celestial Spa uses the magical duet between flute and piano – supported by ambient and nature sounds – to create a tranquil but yet absorbing environment. This music will assist you in finding a place of rest and solace where you can allow your daily stress to wash away, entering a celestial space as vast as the sky above.”
Reviews: …flowing melodies that seem to caress the listener with waves of comfort are present throughout. (New Age Retailer)
The 59 minutes of music on this CD are ideal for massage, meditation and other deep relaxation activities. (Music Design In Review)

Zen Spa – Fragrance of the East

While the magical sound of Nandin’s flute creates a tranquil and spacious surrounding, the use of ragas (Indian scales) adds an exotic eastern flavor to the music. Very suited for massage, spas, healing arts, meditation and personal well-being.

Pure Delight

Relaxing to ‘up tempo’ music with the flute in the foreground and a vast array of instruments in the background. (Indian tabla, harp and santour as well as keyboards and guitars)


The Blessing of Satsang is reflected in this music that was improvised before and after Satsang as we sat together in the shared stillness, where the Truth as spoken by Soham/Samarpan is a kind of healing balm to our daily cares.
Soham/Samarpan: “Everyone who has heard Nandin playing the keyboard will want to buy this album. I could listen to this music all day. The mind becomes immediately quiet and relaxation happens naturally.”

As is often the case after satsang, I simply put my hands on the keyboard and play whatever comes, reflecting the energy of the last two hours spent together.
This time, I watched in absolute wonder as my hands played as if moved by someone else, creating a piece of music that astonished and surprised me!
I broke out in delighted laughter at the end of the piece since it was such an unexpected and joyous experience! That is how powerful satsang can be.

Out of the Moment

“Music is a bridge to now. The music we heard right now has never happened before. It is really out of the moment, really out of nothing, and this is what touches us.” – Soham/Samarpan

This music came flowing out of the moment while we were playing in Satsang with Soham/Samarpan. Some tracks feature the flute and guitar as they float together effortlessly, on others, the keyboard paints a still and silent background over which the melody glides and soars taking unexpected dips and turns. Where the piano is featured, the music gently finds its way into our hearts. Mid CD, a tabla makes a playful appearance as a lively Indian drum accompaniment. The fragrance of Satsang is captured in the diversity of this musical offering.

Secrets … Tea for an Empty Cup

Relaxing, meditative music using flute, bass, Indian harp and koto that gives this CD an oriental flavour and brings the listener to stillness.

Feng Shui Part Two

A musical way to consider the different aspects of your life from an oriental point of view. Relationships, career, health and wealth are some of the universal issues addressed in which the music creates a space where the answers can arrive.

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