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Nandin and flute

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“I wanted to reach out and tell you how important the replay of the Jan 15 class has been for me. I go through both the exercises and the meditation multiple times a week. The exercises really do support me before playing. And the meditation? It is INCREDIBLE. I love it so, so, so, so much. Truly. It is deeply powerful every time I go through it. Thank you for creating your program. …this free offering has been a game changer for me. Thank you for being so generous with your content and your time. Your work is having a deep impact on my daily life.”

Katie Frisco “The Musicians’s Mindset”

Nurse and Naturopath:
It was great. I enjoyed it very much! It gives a lot of ideas and things to work on in between. Thank you!

I like the yoga exercises and shaking. I notice if I do that before my music lesson, I’m more relaxed. Just five or ten minutes to breathe deeply in my lungs and belly and things are flowing better.

I also know how you work, and you are very respectful and open. You have a way of encouraging people and getting the best out of them.

My playing has really improved.

It has helped me a lot. Being this creative with the music, I love it.
I feel rewarded just by doing it.I’m more balanced. I’m just a different person.

Flutist and educator:
You lighten up the room and are inspiring people to get in touch with the joy that is inherent in us all.  You pull the joy out of them, that’s a gift you have.  I know your story telling is inspiring us to look at our own humanness.
You are so inspiring. It was such an honour to be there today. You are amazing!

Lorena, flutist and pianist:
It was amazing today! I sang in a world full of calm sound like in the middle of a forest! Thanks for this meditation. ❤
It was fun!

Alice, singer and improviser:
I liked it very much!! It was a pleasant and wonderful energy in a nature with birds and other animals (from the slide show). I want to thank you.  It was like the first time you enter a foreign world of music.
It was absolutely beautiful and interesting!

Professional violinist:
I enjoyed every minute!

Flutist and Coach: I’m looking forward to the replays of your classes – you always offer So Much Value and I just love your teaching.

Musician and Scientist: “Thank you so much for the rewarding tasters 😊. What fun we had, it was inspiring !!”


Me in India at a Yoga class with B.K.S. Iyengar back in the 1980’s!

Nandin and flute

FREE Meditative Music Making TASTER Replays!

July 30, 2023

What we did:
1. Yoga to open up the rib cage, which is our resonance box and air powerhouse.
2. We continue with a breath meditation to calm the parasympathetic system.
3. This is followed by meridian tapping to release mental blocks.
4. Then we sung to get the vocal folds in vibration, an important part of our sound!
5. At the end, we improvised to one of my made-for-you backing tracks.

(It’s a video replay, so no one can hear you. You’re free to experiment!)

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August 6, 2023

Become One with the Cosmos!
Here’s how we did it:
1. Qi Gong to balance our energy, get centered and calm.
2. Singing “Om Shanti Ramana” to get in the flow and connect to our inner being.
3. Rose flower meditation – with visuals and music by me.
“You are also not just a human being — the whole cosmos has become consciousness in you” – Osho
4. Improvisation with my latest backing Track, the Rose Flower Meditation.
5. Introduction to “Manifesting Meditative Music”

Experience the benefits of playing beyond your usual borders.

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When it comes to being a successful musician, flow is the ultimate creative advantage.

When a musician is in the music flow zone, they’re able to tap into their inner genius and create magic.

Think about it, when a musician is in the zone on stage, that’s when the real magic happens.

In flow, they’re able to tap into their inner creativity and produce music that moves people.

Being in flow allows a musician to forget about all the distractions and just focus on the music.

They’re able to tune out the noise and just let the music flow through them.

It’s like they’re in their own little world, and the rest of the world just fades away.

But it’s not just about getting lost in the music.

Flow also allows a musician to push themselves to new heights.

It’s when a musician on stage comes up with a new improvised solo on the spot, they’re pushing themselves to be better.

A musician in flow is able to push themselves to create something new and unique.

So, if you want to be a successful musician, forget about all the distractions and just let the music flow through you.

When you’re in the music flow zone, you’re able to tap into your inner genius and create magic.

– Johannes Fromella

Manifesting Meditative Music

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Experience the benefits of playing beyond your usual borders.

What we did:

1. We started with some body movement to get centered. (Divine Healing Exercises from Martial Arts.)

2. Then we explored the unconscious using a guided meditation to help open up our creativity. Visualisations have been used by athletes for years and are finally making it into the world of music! Not only relaxing, but freeing as well.

3. We put this creative energy into practice with some simple improvisations.  Try it, and find out how easy it is!

4. Next step? Add your improvisation to a song or mantra. Feel the energy that is released when you are simply in the flow and in tune with yourself.

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Manifesting Meditative Music

September 17 to December 10, 2023

Draw on your inner essence and express that through your music!

Offer your music from your deeper authentic self.

  • Using meditative techniques including breath, movement and stillness, find your inner core and transmit that through the music you play.
  • Get in touch with the magic of music and reach others with your unique offering to the world.

The path:

1. We start with the body – often using meditations accompanied by music. We may even create these meditations ourselves! (I do!)

  • This way we remove blocks, reduce anxiety and free up our creativity. (Yay!)

2. From this centered inner space, we dabble with simple improvisations – perhaps using a theme from a piece you’ve been working on, or just a few notes from a particular scale.

  • It’s on Zoom which means you can mute yourself if you like.  That way you are completely free to play as you like!

3. Special backing tracks (which I will provide as well as teaching you how to create them yourselves) make this process easy, fun and deeply satisfying.

  • The goal is to create our own “Meditative Music Concert” for presentation online, using our own pre-recorded tracks. (That means you can prepare your track beforehand so that it is just the way you would like it to be. I’m there to help you.)


1. We’ll meet Sundays for two hours every 2 (or 3) weeks. You’ll have time to find which meditations work best for you and the opportunity to bring that quality into the music you play.

2. Replays will also be available, so you can review what we’ve done and play along again as often as you like!

3. We will have a private Facebook group so we can stay in touch in between sessions. It’s a place where you can ask questions and share your experiences and of course, you can also DM me.

This is for you when:

  • You want to bring your authentic self into your music and daily life.
  • You want to express music from your innermost core and send your unique musical vibration out into the world.
  • You’re attracted to the idea! Playing music this way is actually nourishing.  Sharing it is a delight!

Where? Zoom

When? Sundays

Six 2 hour meetings:
Sept. 17, Oct. 8th and 22nd,
Nov. 12th and 26th, Dec. 10th. 2023

Europe: 5 pm GMT

Americas: 12 pm (noon) Eastern

550,-€ ($550 US) or
3 payments of 200,-€ ($200 US) Sept., Oct., Nov.

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I’m looking forward to the replays of your classes – you always offer So Much Value and I just love your teaching. 


Here are two examples of what you might expect at Meditative Music Making:

Example one:

  • Yoga for flutists is a great way to start. Not only does the body get warmed up, but breathing and awareness also play an important role in both meditation and music making.
  • A listening meditation to get in contact with the gaps between our thoughts, which is where our essence lies, the center we want to connect with when we play.
  • Following the breath. This meditation technique is centuries old and especially perfect for anyone who likes to breathe!
  • Meditatively, we reach for our instruments (or tune into our voice) and as in the breath meditation, play or sing long notes on the exhale. This is supported with a backing track (like a tambura or one of my pre-recorded tracks). In this way, we learn to maintain a meditative atmosphere while we play or sing. (It’s also wonderful meditation in itself!) We don’t necessarily have to make a good sound, as that might actually bring us back to our old habits. The idea is to be aware of the breath and the air. Extended techniques and unusual sounds are welcome here! The main point is to feel relaxed, at ease and in connection with yourself.
  • Now we experiment with a few improvisations which enable us to be spontaneous and respond to the moment. That permits us to bring our centered self with us when we play our regular repertoire. This is how we learn to express music from our being.

Example two:

  • Meridian tapping to warm up the body and get the energy flowing.
  • Pranayama or alternate nostril breathing to balance the two halves of the brain and calm the thoughts.
  • The Alexander “constructive rest” position (involves lying down with bent knees, feet on the floor) to release any tension. We imagine playing in this position. This helps develop body awareness and also brings us out of our thoughts and into the moment.
  • Playing with one of my backing tracks in a slightly improvisatory style which allows us to play from a deeper meditative part of ourselves, connected to our being.

Born in Canada but based in Europe, my life has been mapped out by my love of music. As a child, I was magnetically drawn to the piano. Singing still sometimes brings me to an ecstatic state but the course of my life changed when I became infatuated with the flute.

Instrument in hand, my intuition led me time and again to meditative music in many forms – from calm and soothing to wild and crazy as well as everything in between. I play with all kinds of musicians, Classical, Folk, Latin, Italian, New Age, Persian, Indian, Brazilian – I love to meet others in their musical world.

Playing music meditatively brings me to my center and in the same way, I help you find your center and express your being with every breath you send through your instrument. Using meditative techniques specifically adapted for musicians, I lead you into your rich inner world, enabling not only you but others to be deeply touched by your music.

Listening and performing this kind of music is like drinking nectar from the beyond. It is nourishment for the spirit and a portal to our innermost self. It is a wake-up call for all those who are searching for authentic self-expression and an authentic way to change our world with music.

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